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Classic Trio Caviar 3 x (30-125gr)

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Three amazing varieties of caviar, an ideal gift for any connoisseur of caviar, or even if your new to the world of caviar this a perfect way to try the different varieties that we have to offer. Royal Baerii, Asetra/Oscietra, Freshwater Beluga Hybrid.

Freshwater Beluga Hybrid

One of the best Caviars on the market, a hybrid of the Acipenser Schrenkii and Huso Dauricus Sturgeon. Two of the best Sturgeon in the world that take 10 years to mature. In turn producing a magnificent sizeable shimmering silver Roe, a favourite amongst Caviar connoisseurs.

Asetra/Oscietra. "Directors Choice".

One of our favourite Caviars these roe range from 2.6mm to 3,2mm in size, with a silvery/grey colour to them, ideal caviar to compliment any hor d'oeuvres with a subtle and elegant nutty after-taste.

Royal Baerii Caviar

This is a high quality product and it's worth every penny. Nice creamy aftertaste, a bit less salty and a roe size between 2.4-2.8 mm. You really can’t go wrong with the Royal Baerii.