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The Favorite Sweet Treats

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We have Created new gift boxes and hampers, with different sizes and prices. 

with different products for different taste, you can choose them individually or in our amazing hampers and gift boxes. 

Our reusable hampers come in two different sizes. 

 The "Mothers Favorite Sweet Treats": 

  1. Wainwright's organic honey: Organic Forest honey from NW Zambia. One of the purest and most amazing honeys you will ever taste. Fairtrade and a "No nasty added" product. 
  1. Strawberry Jam.  
  1. Keats luxury Special selection. Here is a selection of Chocolates from a top of the range British chocolate supplier. 
  1. Shimmering of the range rose flavoured dark choc. 
  1. Keats Sparkling Mini Truffles. The new range from British chocolate producer. Pure quality.