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Sous Chef Activated Charcoal Sea Salt 100g - Caviar Classic London

Sous Chef Activated Charcoal Sea Salt 100g

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Regulating fluids: Sodium helps to regulate the body’s hydration levels. The balance of sodium and water are closely connected to each other.

Improving brain function: Sodium can significantly affect the way that the brain functions, with sodium deficiency often presenting as confusion. In cases where your sodium levels are low, increasing salt intake can help to improve mental clarity.

Providing muscle cramp relief: Muscle cramps are often due to electrolyte imbalance. Electrolyte balance can be restored by increasing sodium intake.

Black lava salt also contains activated charcoal, which is beneficial for:

Removing toxins: Activated charcoal is often the first treatment administered for different kinds of poisoning due to its well-documented ability to remove toxins from the body. It can even help to counteract the effects of toxic mold on your health. Fights premature aging: Activated charcoal can help to support the health of the adrenal glands in addition to protecting the cells of the kidneys and liver. Treating gas and bloating: Activated charcoal can bind to constituents in food that cause gas thus preventing flatulence.

Common uses of black lava salt

Black lava salt is typically coarse-grained, which means that it is best used as a finishing salt. Using it for cooking can give dishes an unpleasant gray color or produce streaks. The size of the grains means that not only will using it as a finishing salt make for a visually striking presentation, it will enhance the texture of the dish as well. Its dark color can give a dramatic appearance when it is applied to light-colored foods like fish or chicken, or when it is sprinkled over salads.