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The ultimate Caviar. Royal Beluga Caviar (30 gr-1 kg.). 30-40% off

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 Our Top Offer: 30-40% off Royal Beluga caviar until Midnight on the 31..07.

is is the best of the Best. Not just a Beluga but the king of Beluga. Every now and then you get a Sturgeon that gives some amazing perfect eggs. These are normally over 2.9-3.2 mm in size.

This is the best Caviar money can buy. Or so they say. But it's a caviar that you must try at least once, or twice  in your life. 
The perfect gift for that special occasion or person, or even just to spoil yourself! 

The Royal Beluga is from the Huso Huso Sturgeon, also known as the European Sturgeon. Known for it's shimmering metallic roe, but the taste is anything but metallic, as you experience the harmony of cream and salt that  entice the taste buds along the back and sides of your tongue.