Oscietra (Russian Sturgeon) Quartet Caviar. 4 x (30-250gr) - Caviar Classic London

Oscietra (Russian Sturgeon) Quartet Caviar. 4 x (30-250gr)

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Classic Oscietra:

Asetra/Oscietra is Russian style caviar of a higher grade than the Baerii. The Classic Asetra is a smaller roe and not quite the maturity that the "Director's Choice" has. But still has the unique nutty taste that defines this amazing caviar. This is a price that you can;'t refuse.

Asetra/Ossetra Caviar:

Asetra is Russian style caviar of a higher grade than the Baerii. The eggs are a bit bigger as the fish are harvested when they are older, more mature. This is still a real caviar and doesn't have to be a luxury item anymore. A light nutty aftertaste and a firm roe, this is one of our favorites. 10 gr tins are sample size. 

Royal Baerii:

The royal baerii has a slightly bigger roe, both have a great combination of salt and velvetty cream on your tongue. Many customers won't eat anything else. Offered in sizes of 30/50/125/250 gr tins x 2.

Royal Siberian:

It doesn't look like a Baerii, and it doesn't taste like a traditional Baerii. But we promise it is. This producer prefers to wait for 2nd harvest and deliver a product that blows the competition out of the water. What you get is a transformation that is truly worth waiting for. This is the equivalent to what's called a "Vintage " year in the wine industry. An amazing colour, a roe size of between 2,5- 2,8 mm. A normal Baerii would be under 2 mm, and a Royal Baerii would normally be under 2,5 mm. The salt level is right where it should be, about 7 (on our 1-10 scale).