Caviar Siberian Oscietra Hyb. 2nd Harvest. 50/125 gr. 30% off.

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The Siberian Oscietra Hybrid caviar: 2nd Harvest.  Such an amazing caviar. 

Normally with the Siberian Oscietra Hybrid we say 2 for the price of 1.  But now we can go one even better and offer you 2nd Harvest. That doesn't mean it's 2nd best, it literally means they have discarded the first collection, and let the fish both age and grow. This means that the 2nd harvest is a lot tastier, bigger, and all round that much better. 

This roe is over 2,8mm. 

It's less saltier, much creamier and whole lot of pop on your tongue and in general worth 5 times more that we charging for it. Again, just to prove that we go out and find a caviar that is exceptional and worth every penny..and more. 

5-6 yeras ago people said that Hybrid caviar would never catch on. But they are now some of the biggest selling caviar's, they take the best of both species and present something totally unique. 

I tasted it yesterday with a very good chef-friend of mine. He totally loved it!

For the next 3 weeks, 10% of all sales on this caviar will go to one of our 3 charities. Until the end of May it will be our newest Charity: Centrepoint. Helping homeless young people to start again.