Imperia Beluga Trio of Caviar. 3 x 10-250 gr.

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Imperial Royal Trio of Caviar and a Mother of Pearl Spoon

Three amazing varieties of caviar, an ideal gift for any connoisseur of caviar, or even if your new to the world of caviar this a perfect way to try the different varieties that we have to offer. Our Royal trio's are just amazing, and you will love all 3. It will be hard to find your favourite. Or try the quartet. Then you will really be spoilt. 


Royal Beluga

This is the best of the Best. Not just a beluga but the king of Beluga. Every now and then you get a Sturgeon that gives some amazing perfect eggs. These are normally over 2,8mm in size .


Superior Freshwater Beluga

This caviar comes from the Huso Dauricus sturgeon (also called Freshwater Beluga). It is the biggest freshwater sturgeon around. With a 3.2 - 3.5 mm roe, the shell is even bigger and harder than our customers' favourite caviar (The Freshwater Beluga Hybrid), pops in your mouth and has that well known creamy aftertaste; that is why we believe that this soon will dethrone the hybrid and will become our best seller as the quality/price ratio is astounding. Try it for yourself and you will be left pleasantly surprised!


Imperial Amur Caviar.

Yes, it's back. This is one half of our most popular caviar's . The other half being the Superior Freshwater Beluga. so imagine these 2 stunning caviar's alone. Or in this case together. This caviar has an amazing round creamy taste, a light colour and a nice size roe. about 2,8-3,4 mm. You will love this caviar. It was extremely popular last me had it.