Freshwater Beluga hyb. & Foie gras Party-pack. Entertain in style. 25% off until 31.12

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This is the total entertainment package. " of our most popular packages, together in 1. Everything you need to entertain friends for that special evening.This offer also contains probably our most popular caviar in terms of quality and price. With it's round and elegant creamy aftertaste this caviar has quickly become a firm winner with our regular customers. Try it for yourself. 


30 or 50 gr Freshwater Beluga hybrid caviar (3 months Shelf-life)

pack of 20 blinis(about 4-6 weeks shelf-file)

100 gr Freshly smoked Scottish Salmo (about 4 weeks shelf-life)

180 gr Soft cream cheese.(between 2-3 months shelf-life)

60 gr of Duck/60 gr goose foie-gras.(2 x 60).(minimum 12 months shelf-life)

100 gr White fig confit (minimum 12months)

pack of small ciabatta toasties. (minimum 6 months)

125 gr Freshwater Beluga Hybrid caviar

2 packs of 20 blinis

2 x 100 gr Freshly smoked Scottish Salmon

180 gr Soft cream cheese.

2 x 65 gr of Duck/60 gr goose foie-gras.(4 x 65).

100 gr White fig confit

2 x packs of small ciabatta toasties.