Siberian Oscietra Hybrid Caviar
Caviar Siberian (Baerii) Oscietra Hybrid. Best of both. 30-250 gr. - Caviar Classic London

Siberian Oscietra Hybrid Caviar

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The Siberian Oscietra Hybrid caviar:

This is again a caviar that is growing in popularity and which we decided to run a promotion on so more of you could  get to know it. 

. 2 for the price of 1. We have many customers that like both, as they are slightly more salty than the Freshwater caviar's. 

A lovely 2,5-2,8 mm roe, Dark green in colour not quite Baerii, not quite Oscietra..i'ts both. 

5-6 yeras ago people said that Hybrid caviar would never catch on. But they are now some of the biggest selling caviar's, they take the best of both species and present something totally unique. 

This caviar will quickly become one of the favourites and during tastings became very popular.