50 gr Caviar (5 types)  Party-packs, W. Salmon, Blinis & Cream Cheese. - Caviar Classic London

50g Caviar (5 types) Party-packs, Salmon, Blinis & Cream Cheese.

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These party packs are popular since day 1. Everything you need to make the perfect canapes ate a reasonable price. We also have the 30g & 125g selections.  

Each party pack contains: 

50 gr Caviar (3 months shelf-life) 

24 Cocktail Blinis (2 weeks shelf-life) 

200 gr smoked Scottish salmon (3 weeks shelf-life) 

Cream cheese (6 months shelf-life) 

You just need to toast the blinis and you are ready to entertain, or just enjoy them yourself over a good book/film.