Caviar Freshwater Beluga Hyb  (30-250gr.) "Customers FAvourite"
Caviar Freshwater Beluga Hyb  (30-250gr.) - Caviar Classic London

Caviar Freshwater Beluga Hyb (30-250gr.) "Customers FAvourite"

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This is most customers favourite type of Caviar. This Sturgeon is a Hybrid of the Freshwater Beluga and the Amur Sturgeon. It matures much later and hence is more desirable.

2.4-2.8mm Roe

A grey silver shimmer and a slightly harder shell that pops in your mouth with a delicate creamy aftertaste.

If it's your first time trying caviar then you can't go wrong with Beluga Caviar. Give it a try, spoil yourself!