Wholesale/Retail and new web-sale customers.

If you are a wholesaler or retailer or sell luxury products on your website then here are some great offers for you.

As a wholesaler we can offer you some amazing discounts on our caviar, up to 40% depending on the quantity of caviar/salmon or other products you are looking for.

Just send us an email or get in touch with us and let us know what you are looking for.

We have an amazing offer for retailers and luxury food stores:

Offer your customers caviar and have none of the costs involved. Selling caviar can be a costly affair. Maybe you have thought about it or been asked about it several times but stocking several thousand pounds worth of caviar might not be financially viable. We can offer you the following:

You advertise as much of our selection you want and take orders in store. You then take the payment and postal details of the customer. You forward the details to us and we post out with next day delivery (depending on which day/time you take the order). We normally post out in the UK Monday-Thursday before 4pm. Last orders for that day are 2pm. Initially we request you transfer the payment via PayPak or bank transfer but we can also offer weekly invoicing.

This means you get the payment before you even place the order, you forward the payment (minus your profit) to us and we process the delivery.

We deliver all over the UK with Parcelforce. This normally reaches the customer next day. We ensure that the package is chilled to last up to 2 days. We ensure that the package has your details on and that we are just acting as your distribution centre. The initial cost of setting up the whole process is about £50 for your cards, return labels that go in/on the package. Its all made simple and cost effective. We can even offer postage to most of Europe with next day delivery and at a rate that is about 50 - 60% cheaper than normal postal rates. Making it affordable to send to your European customers. We work with several companies around the EU to provide their customers with Caviar. Ensuring that it comes from them and that they are advertised on the packaging. Professional and reliable.

So contact us today and have a chat. We speak several languages and we can easily reach an agreement that will be mutually satisfactory.