Tableware - Plastic-Free Zone

"Say no to plastic, Mother of pearltastic"

Our selection of spoons, plates, rosewood chopsticks, crystal servers and more. 

From small mother of pearl spoons, caviar tin openers, mother of pearl plates, and abolone shells, rosewood chopsticks, bamboo drinking straws and hand-made crystal caviar servers.

Eating quality food is a pleasureable experience, but using quality utensils, will enhance that pleasure even more. 

Serving it can be an eye-opening experience when you have  the proper equipment. But just as important, not a single piece of plastic in sight. 

Here we have something for every occasion and every wallet. Browse our range of handmade tableware and give that stunning gift or hold that small event/dinner and turn it into something memorable. 

All our tableware products are sourced from natural products and from sustainable sources.