Truffle Hamper. With & Without truffles. 20% off. - Caviar Classic London
Truffe condiments Hamper, with Freesh Black Truffles, and truffle Slicer.
Truffle Condiments Hamper. free 50 gr. Black Summer truffles. - Caviar Classic London

Truffle Condiments Hamper. Free 50g Black Summer Truffles.

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The Ultimate #PepUpYourPasta Condiment Hamper! FREE black summer truffles. 

We would just like to remind our customers that the black summer truffles are the mildest of all truffles.  

This Hamper has become extremely popular. Experience the joy of creating that delicious pasta dish. Unleash the gourmet chef, and try this treasure trove of Italian condiments. The perfect gift to that special person.  

- 100 gr Honey with white truffle  

- 100 gr Salt with black truffle 

- 80 gr truffle butter 

- 80 gr minced truffle sauce 

- 250ml Balsamic glaze with truffle   

- 100ml Truffle Oil   

A perfect gift to dazzle your friends and turn any pasta dish into a Michelin star dinner.