25- 200 gr Fresh Italian Truffles. FREE White Truffle oil with every 50/100/200 gr. order

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Our next delivery of Fresh Black summer truffles is the 21 st of August. You can place your order from Friday the 17th and it will be shipped on Tuesday the 21st, expected delivery on Wednesday the 22nd of August.

Until the 31st of August we are offering:

FREE 50 ml of White Truffle oil with every 50 gr order.(Value of £3.25).

FREE 100 ml of White Truffle oil with every 100 gr order. (Value of £5.75).

FREE 250 ml of White Truffle oil with every 200 gr order. (Value of £8.95).

These beautiful Italian summer truffles (Tuber Aestivum) are in season from April through till September, with a hazelnut-like aroma are highly prized for their gastronomic qualities. Quoted by Jean Anthelme Brillat-savarin “The diamond of the kitchen.” who found his fame as a Gastronome. Hard on the outside with a cream colured fleshy inside, grate them lightly over your favourite paste dish 5 mins before serving. Pure heaven.

These truffles become more fragrant the further we get into the season.

Shelf life from delivery is 7-8 days, delivered twice a week, flown directly to us the same day they are foraged.