Full Caviar Selection of 6-8. of 10/30/50 gr. 20% offuntil 15/12.

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3 Variations of our full caviar selections. From Baerii to Royal Beluga. 

Why just settle for one, when you can have all 6 or 8 types of caviar?!

We have  created 3 Full selections of Caviar with 6 or 8 tins. 

Classic Caviar Selection is 6 types from Classic Baerii to Freshwater Beluga Gold (Minus Superior Freshwater & Royal Baerii).

Royal Caviar Selection is the 6 top caviar types, from Siberian Oscietra Hybrid to Royal Beluga. (Minus Classic & Royal Baerii).

Full Caviar Selection is full range of our 8 Traditional Caviars. 

Royal  Beluga

This is the best of the Best. Not just a beluga but the king of Beluga. Every now and then you get a Sturgeon that gives some amazing perfect eggs. These are normally over 2,8mm in size. You can't get any better than that. They are very rare and sought-after. This is the gucci of Caviar, try it for yourself and experience pure luxury.


Superior Freshwater Beluga Caviar

This caviar comes from the Huso Dauricus sturgeon (also called Freshwater Beluga). It is the biggest freshwater sturgeon around. With a 3.2 - 3.5 mm roe, the shell is even bigger and harder than our customers' favourite caviar (The Freshwater Beluga Hybrid), pops in your mouth and has that well known creamy aftertaste. Try it for yourself and you will be left pleasantly surprised!


Freshwater Beluga Hybrid "Gold".

The FBH "gold label" is gold-green in colour, a bit bigger (2,5-2,9 mm) than the traditional FBH and a tad creamier. It also has a bit more pop on the tongue. This is a hybrid of the Freshwater Beluga (Huso Dauricus) and the Amur Sturgeon (Ascipensar Schrenkii). There is no doubt that this will be just as popular as the traditional, if not more so. You get a lot of caviar for your money. We also offer a duo set so you can compare and find your favourite.

Freshwater Beluga Hybrid

One of the best caviar on the market to date, a hybrid of the Acipenser Schrenkii combined with the Huso Dauricus Sturgeon. Two of the best Sturgeon in the world that not only takes 10 years to mature, in turn producing a magnificent sizeable shimmering silver Roe, a favourite amongst caviar connoisseurs around the world.



One of our favourite caviars these roe range from 2.6mm to 2.9mm in size, with a silvery/grey colour to them, ideal caviar to compliment any hor d'oeuvres with a subtle and elegant taste that any connoisseur would appreciate.


The Siberian Oscietra Hybrid caviar:

. 2 for the price of 1. We have many customers that like both, as they are slightly more salty than the Freshwater caviar's. A lovely 2,5-2,8 mm roe, Dark green in colour not quite Baerii, not quite Oscietra..i'ts both. 5-6 yeras ago people said that Hybrid caviar would never catch on. But they are now some of the biggest selling caviar's, they take the best of both species and present something totally unique. 

Royal Baerii Caviar

This is a high quality product and it's worth every penny. Nice creamy aftertaste, a bit less salty and a roe size between 2,4-2,8 mm. You really can’t go wrong with the Royal Baerii.


Classic Baerii Caviar

This is the cheapest form for real caviar. Partly due to the fact that the younger sturgeon is more available. Small black eggs, with a firm shell and a pleasant aftertaste means that this is a very popular caviar. Very reasonably priced as well.