11 Types of real Sturgeon Caviar. We have one of the biggest selections of Caviar in the UK combined with some of the lowest prices. 
Why choose Caviar Classic London? We have one of the biggest selections of Caviar at some of the lowest prices. Why go into certain upmarket stores to pay a mark up of 200-300%.
Check out the "Healthy Food" blog. Caviar has a large acontent of B-12 Vitamin. "Pure Brainfood".                                            
 We are proud of our big selection of caviar, all our caviar is CITES certified and has a 3-month shelf-life. We ship all our products with ice-packs that will keep the product chilled for 3 days. When receiving your Caviar place it in the coldest part of your fridge (best kept at 0-4 degrees). Once the Caviar is open please consume within 3-4 days. 
Salmon Keta/Tobiko products have a 6 months shelf life (best kept at 4-10 degrees) and should be consumed  within 7 days of opening.