10 Types of real (Sturgeon) caviar. We have one of the biggest selections of caviar in the UK. Plus some of the lowest prices.

Why choose Caviar classic London?
We have one of the biggest selections of caviar at some of the lowest prices. Why go into certain upmarket stores to pay an extra mark up of 200-300%.
We will tell you exactly what caviar is in the tin. We are proud of our big selection and want you to know what your getting and what your paying for it. 
None of our caviar have anything added, apart from a small amount of salt to keep it fresh for 3 months. Nothing else added. Our Keta has salt and a Natural plant preservative E300. And it's pasteurised to ensure it's safe to eat and free from any bacteria and help extend shelf-life. 
We try to keep our products as plastic-free as possible. We use a small quantity of bubble-wrap and aim to swap our plastic postal bags out by end of 2018.
Our poly-boxes are recyclable, and we re-use much of the packaging we get in to keep our own waste recycling to a minimum. We also support WWO with a monthly subscription.  
All our caviar is CITES certified and has 3 months shelf-life. We ship all our products out with ice-packs that can keep the product chilled for 3 days. When receiving the caviar please place it in the coldest part of your fridge (best at 0-4 degrees). Once the tin is open please use within 3-4 days. 
Salmon Keta/Tobiko products: 6 months shelf life, store between 4-10 degrees. Use within 7 days of opening.