Popular Trio Caviar 3 x (30-50gr) - Caviar Classic London
Popular Trio Caviar 3 x (30-50gr) - Caviar Classic London

Popular Trio Caviar 3 x (30-50gr)

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3 of our most popular products as a trio. 

Classic Oscietra

Russian style caviar of a higher grade than the Baerii. The Classic Astra is a smaller roe and not quite the maturity that the "Director's Choice" has. But still has the unique nutty taste that defines this amazing caviar. This is a price that you can;'t refuse.

The Royal Siberian Caviar:

Two for the price of one. We have many customers that like both, as they are slightly more salty than the Freshwater caviar's. A lovely 2.5-2.8 mm roe, Dark green in colour not quite Baerii, not quite Oscietra...It's both. 5-6 years ago people said that Hybrid caviar would never catch on. But they are now some of the biggest selling caviar's, they take the best of both species and present something totally unique.

Freshwater Beluga Hybrid caviar:

This has to be the customer’s favourite caviar type. This Sturgeon can reach up to 160 years of age. This is a Hybrid of the Freshwater Beluga and the Amur Sturgeon. Matures much later and hence more expensive. We have many customers that believe thou that it's worth that bit more to get a high grade quality product.2,4-2,8mm roe, a grey silver shimmer and a slightly harder shell that pops in your mouth with an amazingly creamy aftertaste. If you ever feel that you need to try a caviar for the first time, then Beluga is worth it. Give it a try, spoil yourself.