You believe good food needs to be expensive? Well, think again.

Over the  last 2 years things have changed for most people on this planet. In the run up to Christmas 2019 no on could have guessed that the following 2 years would be such a rollercoaster ride. 

It was in mid 2020 that we decided to diversify, and add more local produced products from smaller family run businesses. We also agreed that many of these products  should be of a high quality but affordable. Basically the way so you can taste the  food  used to be. None, or very few preservatives as possible. 

Buy 1 x 250 gr  tin of caviar and get 5 of our delicious condiments for free in october. Caviar Classic London

We hope to expand our product range with a total of 500 products. With a price range of between £1-£2,000. We can proudly say there is something for  everyone. We have a selection of over 140 products, and can not only boast of  having one of the biggest selections of caviar  in thee UK/EU, but also one of the biggest selections of natural tableware, all produced from natural products: Mother of pearl, Rose wood, bamboo and so on. We promote this range under the slogan "MotherOfPearlTastic, say no to Plastic". We know, it's a bit gimmicky, but it's cute, and easy to remember. Which is something we hope will stick in people minds.

Natural Table ware- say no to plastic. Caviar Classic London

The issues our planet is battling on a daily basis has been enhanced over the last 5-6 years just get bigger every year. We as a business know that we have a role to play in slowing this down, and hopefully one day reversing it. 

Companies shouldn't have to wait for government legislation to be told to change their ways. They should all feel a responsibility for future generations to come for a better planet, and for the millions of creatures that are now depending  on us. According to the The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment  It is estimated that at the present rate 8700 species a year (24 a day) are going extinct. The most recent research by scientists from U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity  concluded that as many as150 species are lost to extinction every day. Honestly, both or either of these figures are scary.

For all the above reasons we decided that we will ship all orders with packaging that has the least  impact on the environment, we don't use oversized boxes, we re-use 70%  of our incoming packaging and 85% of our outgoing packaging can be recycled.

We have for several years been offsetting our carbon footprint on all deliveries.

We furthermore support several charities that work within environmental, protection of animals and  a  charity that works with social issues  (homeless young people). 

charities we are passionate  about. Caviar Classic London

All of the above would not be possible without the amazing customers' nor he people that ship off every order day after day, and deliver our exceptional customer service. 

We promote a healthy work-life balance, with a mix of 4 day weeks, or partly working from home (if possible), paid lunch breaks, and to fit in with the needs of the business and a "life outside of work". Being available to have a chat when things change or he unexpected happens. Every employee is an investment in a strong healthy business. 

We have just celebrated 10 exciting years. We look forward to the next 10 years. 

Thank you. 

Darren Pedersen & the amazing team at Caviar Classic London


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