What a great event at lots road Auction on Sunday the 20th.

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What a great event at lots road Auction on Sunday the 20th.

As usual we had an amazing time at Lots Road Auction House in Chelsea on Sunday.

Our team of 5, with 2 new members were as usual made to feel welcome straight away. Mainly thanks to Mr Nick Carer the head auctioneer and the main personality of the Auction House. It's a pure treasure trove of luxury and must-have's. Now I know where to go when I can finally afford to kit out my little east London apartment. 

We also had a few other newbie's along for their first time. The first was our new Royal Baerii caviar which is so much different than a traditional Baerii or Siberian Sturgeon as it is also known. Everyone just loved it. But then we introduced the star of the show. It just stood there on the table, sandwiched between the other more famous caviar's: majestic Royal Beluga, Asetra/Ocsietra, our most popular Freshwater Beluga Hybrid, and at first no one noticed it. But then we started giving samples of this discreet little humble caviar. The reaction was instant. What is that..and aw, I don't think I can afford that one. It was stunning.

Suddenly all the attention turned to this humble Sturgeon roe, and it took the limelight away from it's bigger relatives.People kept coming back to sample it and inquire about it's origins and price. And the answer is: It's our newest and most exciting addition to our collection. We are more than proud, we are humbled to be able to offer this in our ever growing selection. Gold Label Polanco Siberian Surgeon. And the price is totally ridiculously low. Even the mighty Beluga can bow to this tantalizing little caviar. It's produced with passion and attention to detail. A total winner.