Truffle Butter: what it is and how it improves every dish!

truffle butter made from fresh truffles, various recipes and truffle butter bruschetta

You certainly have already heard about truffle butter... but do you know what exactly that is and how it can make the difference in recipes from the simplest pasta to the most elaborate fillet mignon dish? Don’t worry, we can help with that! 

First things first, truffles are a type of fungus that grow below ground in wooded areas. It is not possible to see the truffles without digging a little bit, that is why it is common to use trained dogs or pigs to “sniff” them. This search process is called “truffle hunting”. Once they are found, the truffles must be carefully handled and stored. 

You can make a lot of things with truffles and one of them is the famous truffle butter, that is a high-quality creamery spreadable butter infused with bits of fresh truffles. The truffles’ strong fragrance permeates the butter and consequently, whatever dish it is included in. 

It is possible to substitute the regular butter for truffle butter in basically any savoury recipe, but it gets mostly highlighted when applied to scrambled eggs, polenta, risottos, pastas or just melted on top of grilled meat. 

White truffles have a deep flavour and a garlicky fragrance that is unforgettable and forever change the way you cook. 

Check out some nice ways to use truffle butter in your recipes: 

  • Bruschettas: spread it under your bruschetta or on toast 
  • Rubbed under the skin of roasted chicken 
  • As a dipping for lobster and shrimp 
  • Preparing grilled vegetables like asparagus or sauteed mushrooms  
  • Incrementing polenta, french fries or mashed potatoes 
  • Pastas and risottos 
  • Spread on top of grilled meat 
  • Even popcorn can be better with truffle butter! 

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