The UK Caviar Market 2020-2023

The UK Caviar was quite stable for many years until the Pandemic kicked in around March 2020.

 Private online sales rose and Wholesale/retail sales fell. It was easy and quick to import from the EU. So if you sold online to private customers you were in a better condition than many /only sold to Hospitality/retail businesses. 

Brexit caused bigger issues as where it was easy to import from the rest of Europe, now suddenly you had to go thru the whole process of supplying health certificates, and import documents (CITES). From one day to the next it went from 2 days to 6 weeks to import caviar into the UK. 

Production of Caviar fell during the Pandemic, but that won't affect the distribution until between 2-6 years later. That means from this year, onwards. 

Russian caviar exports.

The UK has never really been the big importer of Russian Caviar for the last 15 years. But the countries that normally import Russian caviar suddenly have a shortfall that they will look to fill by importing from other markets. 

With the lack of, the extra transport costs, and higher demand, not to mention the fall in the value of the Pound against the Dollar, well, it's a cocktail of bad news for future imports of Caviar into the UK. 

With prices that have already risen 15-20%, and set to rise as the demand intensifies in the run up to Christmas, we can expect a further rise of 15-20%, and more in 2023. 

We have absorbed most of the last price rise, but are struggling to do that again. All our costs have gone up, energy, packaging, delivery, and obviously import costs. 

We will always endeavour to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, and ensure that we have a quality product on offer. 

Facts about Caviar. Caviar is known as a superfood, with plenty of Omega 3, and Selenium. Plus a whole row of Vitamins. It's good for your memory, heart and apparently gets recommended by doctors as a Natural Viagra without any side-affects. Not to mention anti ageing, immune system, and apparently anti inflammatory,  Plus development & function of our nervous system. (see nutritional chart at bottom of page).

More and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits in caviar. And the alternative forms it can be used for. Creams, pills, and many more means that production & sales of the roe has grown around 10% or more year on year. 

With new wealth opening up in countries such as India, China, and all across Asia there is no sign that caviar production/sales will fall over any time soon. 

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