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The Best/Last few weeks of the Summer Truffle season. Its now you should buy!

Black Summer Truffles (Tuber Aestivum). 

These truffles have the longest season of all truffles. But let's be honest.: It's not until the last 4-6 weeks that they really get any kind of smell or taste. That can vary for year to year, where one year you can start buying some really good truffles at the end of April/early May. Then the following year you could end up having to wait until early/mid July before they have anything that resembles an aroma. 

You can generally go by the price. If you can buy 100 gr for under £45-50, then don't have too many expectations. But if you haven't tried truffles before then maybe get the smallest portion you can get just to try them, maybe add some truffle infused oil or truffle salt or one of the many other truffle condiments to the dish, just to give it that bit more oomph. 

Truffles are foraged fruits of mother nature, also called "Black Diamonds" because of their knobbly black outer skin. Don't buy your truffles too early,2-3 days before you need to use them, as soon as you get them wrap them in clean/dry tissue and store them in an air-tight container. Store between 4-8 degrees.Avoid putting them at the back, coldest part of the fridge where they can risk freezing.  Try and avoid washing them more than necessary, peel off the black outer skin and grate or finely chop then, then add them to our pasta dish 2-3 minutes before it's ready. 

We give our truffles a good brushing when we ship them off. If your not happy with them when you receive them , then take a picture and email us. If they have gone mouldy over the 24-48 hour delivery time, then we will most likely swap them. We are known to have one of the best return/refund policies amongst food retailers. But sadly there are those that want their cake and so on. So we do like to make sure that they are purchased from us, and if they have gone bad we will offer you a refund or replacement. 

If your unsure about anything, then give us a call/chat with us, or send an email. We are normally quite quick at replying. 

There is nothing better than opening a box of quality truffles, or eating a well coked pasta dish or omelette, with with fresh black truffles. They will totally transform your food. order yours now. The season is nearly over. 

Darren Pedersen


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