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Caviar classic London are proud to have one of the largest selections of caviar in the UK.

Lets be honest. We don't like Caviar. WE LOVE IT !!. Maybe that's why we have such a wide selection. But to get to these specific Caviar's we kiss a lot of frogs. For every caviar you see below, we taste at least 4-5 others. and not that the others were bad. Just that these better;) . We want to be a market leader in the Caviar industry. We had to fight to get where we are, and we did it with product quality, fair pricing and exceptional customer service. We don't really care if your a Mr/Mrs/Miss./Lord/Lady..a Celebrity, a cleaner, a bus driver, a lolly-pop man/woman.. If you like caviar then WE LOVE YOU ;)). Therefore we have made...

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What a great event at lots road Auction on Sunday the 20th.

As usual we had an amazing time at Lots Road Auction House in Chelsea on Sunday. Our team of 5, with 2 new members were as usual made to feel welcome straight away. Mainly thanks to Mr Nick Carer the head auctioneer and the main personality of the Auction House. It's a pure treasure trove of luxury and must-have's. Now I know where to go when I can finally afford to kit out my little east London apartment.  We also had a few other newbie's along for their first time. The first was our new Royal Baerii caviar which is so much different than a traditional Baerii or Siberian Sturgeon as it is also known. Everyone just loved it. But then...

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