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Gold label Siberian Reserve Polanco

The 28th of April we are receiving a new delivery of one of the best Caviar's we have ever had in our selection. Hence it sells out very quickly. With just over a week left until it arrives we have already sold half of of the delivery, that's how popular it is. And no wonder. The quality of this product well outweighs the price. Farmed on the Black River in Uruguay, and unlike many producers that take the first harvest, this small family run business discard it and let the Sturgeon grow and then take the second harvest, hence you get a bigger, better, creamier product. It can't be beaten. Worth every penny, and more. Order your supply now, before...

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Caviar of the Month. February: Superior Freshwater Beluga. A stunner.

This is a less known Caviar, but from the feedback and tastings we have been doing over the last 8 months there is no doubt, this is a truly amazing caviar. When we ell people that the Superior Freshwater Beluga Caviar is from China, many come with a slight frown. The General impression is hat the Chinese can't really make proper caviar. But the truth is that a lot of the worlds best caviar comes from China nowadays. And it's a lot more affordable than many of the European brands.  The Chinese farms were in many cases started up by Russians and Iranians, the water is great and there is plenty of space. Hence it's a lot more cost-effective to...

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What a great event at lots road Auction on Sunday the 20th.

As usual we had an amazing time at Lots Road Auction House in Chelsea on Sunday. Our team of 5, with 2 new members were as usual made to feel welcome straight away. Mainly thanks to Mr Nick Carer the head auctioneer and the main personality of the Auction House. It's a pure treasure trove of luxury and must-have's. Now I know where to go when I can finally afford to kit out my little east London apartment.  We also had a few other newbie's along for their first time. The first was our new Royal Baerii caviar which is so much different than a traditional Baerii or Siberian Sturgeon as it is also known. Everyone just loved it. But then...

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We are proud to be offering Gold Label Polanco Caviar

We search the globe for new and exciting products. and every now and then you come across a gem. "san Gregorio de Polanco". Wow.  One of our newest caviar's is more than just a gem, it's a gastronomical adventure for the taste buds. These beads of heaven come from nearly 10 years of labour, sweat and without a doubt, lots of love from a small family enterprise in Uruguay. Farmed ON the Black River, they didn't compromise on the smallest details. What do you do when you can't source the feed locally? You make it yourself. That;s how specialised this small "artisan" family run business is.  I tasted the Caviar in the beginning of November, and my face just lit...

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