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What is that liquid that you sometimes find in your caviar?

I started selling Caviar just over 6 years ago. Well to be honest. I was offered a job with a small caviar company that had just started in London. 1 year later I took over the company when they decided they wanted to close down. Going from knowing basically nothing about Caviar/Sturgeon to studying every evening to get as much knowledge as possible. I was always of the opinion that if your going to do something, then do it to your best abilities. One of my first customers after taking over the business was an elderly gentleman who liked to a spoonful of caviar every day. Mister X had been buying from me for a few years and was a...

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Caviar classic London are proud to have one of the largest selections of caviar in the UK.

Lets be honest. We don't like Caviar. WE LOVE IT !!. Maybe that's why we have such a wide selection. But to get to these specific Caviar's we kiss a lot of frogs. For every caviar you see below, we taste at least 4-5 others. and not that the others were bad. Just that these better;) . We want to be a market leader in the Caviar industry. We had to fight to get where we are, and we did it with product quality, fair pricing and exceptional customer service. We don't really care if your a Mr/Mrs/Miss./Lord/Lady..a Celebrity, a cleaner, a bus driver, a lolly-pop man/woman.. If you like caviar then WE LOVE YOU ;)). Therefore we have made...

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Flash sale on many of our most popular products. Ends Sunday night (14/5)!

We have taken a selection of our best sellers and to celebrate the arrival of summer..finally ..we have lowered the prices between 30-40% on many of them. So now is your chance to grab some amazing offers on some of the hottest luxury food around. Remember: "spoiling yourself doesn't have to cost the Earth!". Here are just a few ideas of what you can get up to with these amazing products. One of my absolute favourites is the Duck Foie-Gras and the White fig Confiture. Wow, are they amazing together on top of a small toast canape. So visit the site now and get yourself some great deals. Ends Sunday the 14th at midnight.

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