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Lets be honest. We don't like Caviar. WE LOVE IT !!. Maybe that's why we have such a wide selection. But to get to these specific Caviar's we kiss a lot of frogs. For every caviar you see below, we taste at least 4-5 others. and not that the others were bad. Just that these better;) . We want to be a market leader in the Caviar industry. We had to fight to get where we are, and we did it with product quality, fair pricing and exceptional customer service. We don't really care if your a Mr/Mrs/Miss./Lord/Lady..a Celebrity, a...

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Baerii caviar, Caviar, Caviar London, Lifestyle, luxury food, New caviar, Polanco -

We search the globe for new and exciting products. and every now and then you come across a gem. "san Gregorio de Polanco". Wow.  One of our newest caviar's is more than just a gem, it's a gastronomical adventure for the taste buds. These beads of heaven come from nearly 10 years of labour, sweat and without a doubt, lots of love from a small family enterprise in Uruguay. Farmed ON the Black River, they didn't compromise on the smallest details. What do you do when you can't source the feed locally? You make it yourself. That;s how specialised this...

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