The horrendous attack on the amazing people of Ukraine affects us all.

I had written a whole section on Putin's rule and the courage of the Ukrainian people. But then suddenly it deleted itself. Or  did it?   Paranoia;)

There  is no doubt that on top of the present energy & transport issues we were going thru, and Putin's attack on Ukraine will have long lasting financial repercussions all across  the world for many years to come. 

In re caviar industry, Russia is a big player. Blocking export of Russian Caviar will put more pressure on production elsewhere. With the growing demand, prices are set to rise. With th extra costs for production & transport we see that prices are set to rise with at least 20-25%, maybe more  It has started gradually, but will really hit around September  and continue to rise  up until December. Where demand is always highest. when you purchase 200-300 kg, a rise of £100-£150 per kg is fairly noticeable. And that's  not  worst case scenario. 

We have therefore put all our efforts in to secure deliveries until October 2022 which then should see  us into the end of December. 

We are hoping that many of our regular customer's would like  to secure  their Caviar supply for the rest of the  year. We have come up with 3 options to do so. 

The first 2 are a subscription or a pre-order option. Where you pay thru the year wot a small up front payment. 

The 3rd option is an  investment option. 9 month investment and  a 10% return. 

The subscription offer is over a 6/12monh subscription, with 20% off, plus the 6th/12th delivery is free. 

The pre-order option lets you  order any quantity from 250 gr. up-to several kg.

The pre-order option gives a 20-35% discount. This helps us get an idea of future needs on top of the usual online sales. the pre-order &  Subscription offers are valid until the end of March.. At present we can guarantee that listed prices will be upheld for at least 3 months, and any changes will give the  customer the  right to cancel before any price rise takes affect. And to be honest, any agreement can always  be  cancelled from month to month. 

I believe we are one of the few companies that actually let the customers influence the  price of the product they purchase.  

When we  do get some great offers or find some great deals we always pass the savings on to  the  customers. Hence why we aren't

We hope that the reason we have such an amazingly high customer return rate is down to a number of things. Hopefully it's:

>our "real customer service". That we do actually care and will make an effort  to  ensure your satisfied 

>Our  low percentage of returns/refunds. I/when we do make a mistake that we make it  up to the customer.

>but  when we do get a complaint ,we will correct it quickly and to the customers satisfaction. 

>That we  as much as  possible ensure  that our  packaging is kind to the environment, and can be recycled (at present we are at 85%).

>That we reuse  as  mush of  the incoming packaging as  possible, or that it gets disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.  

>That we reduce our use of plastics and other environmentally damaging materials in the business as  much as possible. 

>avoid unnecessary use of paper when possible. We have cut the use of print out's with 75% over the last 2 yeas. 

>That  we support 3 worthwhile charities every month ( We support WWF, RSPCA, (Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to Animals). and  Centrepoint ( Supporting homeless young people). 

We hope that this will give an insight into our values and that you think we will give us a chance by  placing an order with us. 




Darren Pedersen


Caviar Classic London/Europe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ards

Darren Pedersen

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