How we have taking care and prevention of COVID-19 policy.

 Dear Customers & Caviar lovers.

To be able to continue sending out orders we have to ensure that out lovely employees are safe and the orders we send out are of the quality, and that all our customers can unpack our products without concern.

Therefore we have made some very big changes to the way we work going forward:

We have minimized the amount of employees per shift. And extended the working day to 2 shorter shifts per day. Our employees are only allowed to work 3 shifts per day, with a commitment from the company that they will still receive their normal pay. We have also committed to do our utmost to ensure they have a job to come back to should they need to self isolate or for any reason we decide to close the business.

WE use 95% eco-friendly recyclable packaging and we ensure that at all times employees wear PPE and sanitize every parcel that is sent out ( inner packaging) , we also recommend social distancing and safety first.

We will continue to serve our customers for as long as it is safe for our employees and our customers.

Many of you know how good Caviar is for your general Health and Immune system. So we have created some bigger than usual promotions to lower our prices for all our of our products so it's a bit more affordable. Our Salmon roe is just as healthy and also packed with the same healthy vitamins & minerals. Many pregnant mothers swear by these nutritional products.

We hope that you all stay safe, eat plenty of fish/caviar. Boost your immune system and stay healthy.


Darren & the Team at Caviar Classic London

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