Can our Popular Freshwater Beluga caviar get any better?

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Can our Popular Freshwater Beluga caviar get any better?

To be honest I didn't think so. It's been our biggest seller since we started 6 years ago. Consistent and reliable all the way thru.

The we started selling the Superior Freshwater Beluga. Pure Huso Dauricus, not a hybrid. Again another hit, the only problem was that this caviar costs nearly the same as the Royal Beluga (huso Huso). Personally I believe that the Freshwater is just as good, if not a tad better than the Royal Beluga. Bigger roe, a bit less salt and a lot of velvety creaminess on your tongue. Pure bliss.

Then a few weeks ago I tasted the Freshwater Beluga hybrid(FBH) "Gold". 

Lighter colour, Gold-Green. And quite a tunner. If you think the Dark FBH was great then you need to try the "Gold". Even better is that it cost's only a few £'s more than the dark. So surely there can be nothing to ponder over. To ensure that you get to sample both the FBH's we offer a duo set, with 10% off in October so you can try then together and decide for yourself. and as you can see we are offering the 10 gram tins again. So very affordable. 

We hope you enjoy.