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The UK Caviar Market 2020-2023

The UK Caviar was quite stable for many years until the Pandemic kicked in around March 2020.  Private online sales rose and Wholesale/retail sales fell. It was easy and quick to import from the EU. So if you sold online to private customers you were in a better condition than many /only sold to Hospitality/retail businesses.  Brexit caused bigger issues as where it was easy to import from the rest of Europe, now suddenly you had to go thru the whole process of supplying health certificates, and import documents (CITES). From one day to the next it went from 2 days to 6 weeks to import caviar into the UK.  Production of Caviar fell during the Pandemic, but that won't...

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The horrendous attack on the amazing people of Ukraine affects us all.

I had written a whole section on Putin's rule and the courage of the Ukrainian people. But then suddenly it deleted itself. Or  did it?   Paranoia;) There  is no doubt that on top of the present energy & transport issues we were going thru, and Putin's attack on Ukraine will have long lasting financial repercussions all across  the world for many years to come.  In re caviar industry, Russia is a big player. Blocking export of Russian Caviar will put more pressure on production elsewhere. With the growing demand, prices are set to rise. With th extra costs for production & transport we see that prices are set to rise with at least 20-25%, maybe more  It has started gradually,...

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You believe good food needs to be expensive? Well, think again.

Over the  last 2 years things have changed for most people on this planet. In the run up to Christmas 2019 no on could have guessed that the following 2 years would be such a rollercoaster ride.  It was in mid 2020 that we decided to diversify, and add more local produced products from smaller family run businesses. We also agreed that many of these products  should be of a high quality but affordable. Basically the way so you can taste the  food  used to be. None, or very few preservatives as possible.  We hope to expand our product range with a total of 500 products. With a price range of between £1-£2,000. We can proudly say there is something for ...

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Truffle Butter: what it is and how it improves every dish!

You certainly have already heard about truffle butter... but do you know what exactly that is and how it can make the difference in recipes from the simplest pasta to the most elaborate fillet mignon dish? Don’t worry, we can help with that! 

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